Free the nipple

Isn’t it weird how we perceive the human body? There’s so much censorship, shaming and stigma around it. It is as if we are disconnected from it and that we have forgotten that all our bodies have the same anatomy. We are so judgmental of each other’s bodies and our own – anything less than perfect is unacceptable. But I don’t believe there’s anything inappropriate about the non-photoshopped human body. Why should we be offended by the way we are made?
A lot of you might think that women’s nipples are more sexual than men’s nipples and that it is therefore normal to ban them from social media and other public places. But that is just because of our society’s – and mostly media’s – hyper-sexualization of the female body. You can see so many topless women in porn or pay to see them in strip clubs, but the moment a woman owns her own body, it’s shameful? What is that all about? Does the female body exist only to be sexualized?

Now you might wonder if this is an important issue. Well, to me it is. It goes beyond women just being able to be topless in public. This is about changing the way we objectify women by using different standards for men and women (and other genders). At the heart of it, this issue is about gender equality and equal rights.

Painting: Egon Schiele

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