Why I am permanently deleting facebook

Deleting facebook

Why I am permanently deleting facebook:

I realised that it doesn’t make me happier. That it doesn’t bring anything positive to my life.

– Facebook is addictive. Growing up in the age of social media, facebook has definitely had a huge impact on me. I know that it has changed the structure of my brain’s neural network. Unfortunately, not in a positive way. Facebook basically wires my brain to crave short term “pleasure” (or dopamine).

At the moment, I am spending a lot of time trying to change the way that my brain is programmed. I want to become a more grounded person. I mediate, practice yoga, learn new things and reflect on my habitual reactions to thoughts and emotions. However, I have realised that if my phone is next to me, I can’t even watch a movie without checking my facebook messages once! The way that I use my phone completely works against my efforts to rewire my brain. I know that I don’t use my phone as much when I don’t have social media. So, I don’t think facebook is worth keeping.

– Recently, I have read a lot about Buddhism. I’ve learned that attachment to the created image of ourself leads to unhappiness (you can read about it here). Since then, I have reflected. I believe that having a facebook account reinforces the image that we create of ourselves to ourselves/to others. Of course, I know that deleting facebook won’t suddenly lead to an “ego death”. Funnily enough though, I did feel a sort of ‘grief’ when I thought about my whole profile being gone forever. It shows that I was already extremely attached to that image that I had created of myself.

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