Money/ Spending less

Money/ spending less

Recently, I have found myself wondering about money and specifically about the way that I am spending it. Is it necessary for me to spend this much? Am I spending money on things that I need and that will enrich my life? How do I know when it’s enough – when the excess doesn’t lead to happiness anymore? How can I find a healthy balance between spending and saving?

My philosophy has always been to spend only a small portion of my money on material things. Keep the rest for the few things that are important to me: food, health, sports, friends (gifts etc.) and travels. I have told myself that it is ok to spend money on these things because the whole point of earning money is to spend it on things that make you happy, right? But, where is the balance? For example, the food that I eat is always very healthy and ethically sourced. I find it important because I want to take care of myself and I want to support a food industry that thinks about the planet and the animals. However, I think that this has slowly started to become an excuse for me not to think about the amount I am spending on food. I’ll buy the extra jar of bio almond butter but, did I really need another one – again? Or, another example: I love traveling and have been travelling a lot these past two years. Sometimes though, I wonder if I am overdoing it. Shouldn’t I travel a bit less, plan the trips a bit more and create an actual budget for them? Wouldn’t that make me more excited and create a more special trip? Also, it has got me thinking about me wanting to believe that I care about the environment. I spend more money on food because I “care” about the planet but then spend even more money on plane tickets. Isn’t that hypocritical?

But, how can I know where the right balance is? Could one way to make sure that I only spend money on the essential things be to create a budget that works for me?


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