Introduction to Superposition (quantum physics)

Here is a super interesting MIT lecture on superposition, “the ability of a quantum system to be in multiple states at the same time until it is measured”. This is only the 1/25 lecture that covers the basics of quantum physics. Hopefully I will have the time to watch them all by the end of the month. The teacher is really passionate and explains it in an easy/comprehensive way. Also, the topic is absolutely fascinating (100% recommend!).

Introduction to Superposition

This article also explains superposition (here is an extract – but it doesn’t explain anything. To understand you should probably watch the lecture and/or read the article):

“What this all means is that whiteness and blackness and softness and hardness are not constants. Every electron is both black and white and hard and soft, at different times. But it is all those things only if you sum over some extended period of time. At each dt, it is either hard or soft, black or white. It is not both at the same time. At one measurement, it will be one or the other. Over a series of measurements, it will be both.”


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