Learning how to play the guitar: Without me – Mac DeMarco

I fractured one of my ribs the other day and as a result am not able to do yoga or climb. It is also very cold in Stockholm at the moment. Both these things mean that I am stuck in my room, freezing and in agony, trying to find ways to occupy myself. Prevent myself from getting a little crazy.
Learning how to play the guitar and baking is what I do 90% of my time now. Playing the guitar is  becoming more and more fun. I get a huge amount of satisfaction from simply learning new chords or silly tricks.

Without me – Mac Demarco 

This week I’m trying to understand fingerpicking. I learned that resting the wrist on the guitar, above the strings, improves accuracy when fingerpicking. It prevents you from playing with the elbow which obviously makes the plucking of the strings less precise. The technique has helped me a lot when learning “Without me” by Mac DeMarco. I’m still not sure if I am doing it correctly as I think my wrist should be resting a little more forward on the guitar. I have tried doing that but I can’t seem to find a comfortable spot to place the wrist.

It has been a little hard for me to learn this song because it involves a few things that I had never done before (such as barre chords). I also find it a lot more difficult to follow a good rhythm when fingerpicking rather than strumming.
I know that the song still needs improvement and I am planning on practicing a lot. Hopefully I will post another video in a week or so with an ameliorated version of both this song and “Wish you were here” by Pink Floyd (which is the first song that I learned).

Here are the other songs that I’ve learned:
Shiver, Lucy Rose
Wish you were here, Pink Floyd


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