Richard Feynman

Richard Feynman

Richard Feynman is one of the people who inspires me the most. I admire him, not only because he was a brilliant physicist, but mostly because of his attitude to life.

  • I admire his curiosity and creativity. He wanted to understand everything that was going on around him. A simple question such as: “why pasta usually breaks in three rather than two pieces” would be enough. Feynman would spend the rest of the night trying to figure it out. Being wrong wasn’t scary to him. He also wasn’t driven by money or fame. He simply enjoyed finding clever ways to explain processes and things that were happening around him.
  • I admire his ability to communicate effectively. He knew how to simplify complicated notions. He also understood the importance of speaking without jargon. Expressed in his own words:
    “When we speak without jargon, it frees us from hiding behind knowledge we don’t have. Big words and fluffy ‘business speak’ cripples us from getting to the point and passing knowledge to others.”
    His ability to communicate allowed him to share his knowledge and make science accessible and fun for anyone. In fact, the Feynman technique, named after him, is a four step ‘formula’ for learning that he created and followed when he wanted to learn something new. It is now known worldwide, considered a mental model and, said to be very effective.
  • I admire his positivity and magnetic personality. Everyone around him seemed to love and look up to him. I haven’t been fortunate enough to personally meet him, but, I can understand where that admiration comes from. He was a beautiful character. He enjoyed life and knew the importance of love.

The Fantastic Mr.Feynman

The other day, I watched a documentary about Feynman called “The Fantastic Mr. Feynman”. Unexpectedly, at the end, I felt a huge wave of sadness. My mum happened to call me at that moment and, as we talked, I actually burst into tears. Out of nowhere.
I can’t fully explain why. I think that the fact that Feynman isn’t there anymore suddenly dawned on me. Somehow, the world without him seemed a little emptier.

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