Gender, to me

Gender, to me

The notion of gender is confusing to me. Of course, there are biological differences between men and women. I am sure that if I had been born a man (in the strict sense of the word), my personality wouldn’t be the same as it is now. My appearance, obviously, wouldn’t either.

But, I often forget that I am a woman and think of myself as more of a “human”. 

Somehow though, my gender seems to be important to other people. I have been told countless amounts of times to dress more feminine. That, because of my gender, I probably can never beat a guy at sports. People are often surprised when I tell them I love science. I’ve also heard that being a woman makes me more empathetic, more emotional. Better with kids, bad at taking risks. That my orientation skills are probably bad too. I’ve learned that, because I am a woman, I should shave my body, close my legs when I sit down and that, my sexuality comes second to a man’s sexuality.

It is as if a whole story has already been written for me. And, to me, it seems like a large part of being a woman, or being a man, is a construct of society. But, why does society attach such importance to my gender? Am I not just – me?

I know that we aren’t all going to wake up tomorrow and that suddenly, the notion of gender will be gone. I also know that it makes sense to distinguish men and women, to a certain degree. The purpose of this post isn’t to abolish any sort of categorisation. But, I’m writing about this because these are some of my recurrent thoughts.
It isn’t always easy to do things that defy norms. Sometimes, being a woman restricts me. I’m sure that being born a man would restrict me in other ways. I just wish that the importance placed on gender in our society would be smaller. It might allow everyone to be a little bit more themselves.


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