On selfishness

Am I selfish for being this dedicated to my own self-development? Should I let go of some of my dreams to be there for the people around me? Are all extremely passionate people selfish in some way?
Does it have to go hand in hand? Or am I just doing it wrong?

Am I selfish for needing this much time alone when other people want me to be with them? Does the need for solitude necessarily mean that I care less? Or does it merely mean that I show love differently?

If selfishness is needed for me to be content and for me to love myself, doesn’t it also mean that it is needed for me to love others? Is it ultimately selfish then? Why does it feel as though it is?

I know that I usually only post about things that I learn, but in this case, I’m not exactly sure about how to find the answers to my questions. I guess there isn’t a right or wrong answer to them.
I hope that with time, I’ll find the ones that feel right to me.

Painting by Gustav Klimt

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  1. Timothée Astier October 29, 2018

    Some random thoughts:

    – There’s nothing wrong with being a little bit selfish and take care of oneself or enjoy one’s situation, as long as it doesn’t limit the possibility for other people to do the same.

    – If you’re truly exceptional about what you do, or simply enjoy doing what you do, chances are that this enthusiasm will propagate to other people and you might inspire and help others without realising it.

    – Focusing on self-development is a way to develop a higher potential to help others in the future.

    – The very fact of asking those questions probably prevents you from being too selfish.

    – People who truly like you do so for who you are. If you need this much solitude to be who you are, don’t change anything 🙂

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