About love

The past months have been quite intense for me. In a good way. I’ve learned a lot, met plenty of people and have been genuinely happy. But, the intensity of my daily life has meant that I haven’t had as much time for myself, to reflect. Moments spent alone are essential to me and I deeply miss having more of them.

Even though I haven’t been as active on this blog, I’ve kept reading and have kept learning about things that I usually post here. I’ve noticed that the books I currently feel like reading are less ‘educational’ than they used to be. At the moment, I am drawn to books that make me think about ideas rather than teach me about facts. I suppose this is linked to me missing my alone time. Reading books with less objective content probably allows me to reflect more during daily life, as I read in the bus, in between class or anywhere else.

All About Love

Currently, I am reading a book by Bell Hooks entitled “All About Love”. I had previously read another one of her books (“Ain’t I A Woman”) which I liked, and was thus intrigued when I saw that she had written a book on the topic of love.

Personally, the concept of love, especially the romantic kind, brings up a lot of questions for me. Though I did not always relate to what Bell Hooks wrote in the book, it’s been soothing to reflect on this topic.

I wonder, what is love? Is it the intense feeling of wanting to be with someone? Or, is that simply the description of infatuation? Instead, is it the choice that you make, everyday, when you decide to continually commit to the person you love? Or, is it still a feeling, but a calmer one, which comes up when you’ve been with someone for a long time and truly know them?
Is love a combination of all of the above? Or, does it represent something different for everyone?

I also ask myself, does love grow? Or, does love always disappear? Can love and abuse coexist? Why is it possible to love people that aren’t good for you? Is everyone going to know love? Or, do most people settle for something milder? When people say they love me, do they love me? Or, do they love the embellished idea that they’ve created of me? Similarly, when do I know that I truly love someone else rather than the idea that I’ve constructed of them?

I realize that I’ve just flooded this post with difficult and intimate questions. Somehow, just like in my previous post, writing them here feels good and makes it easier for me to find my answers to them.

Sarah Kay

On top of being drawn to books that make me reflect, I have also started watching and reading poetry. I stumbled upon a spoken poetry Youtube channel and have loved watching the performances. This led me to discover Sarah Kay. She inspires me and I therefore wanted to share a video of her here.

In case you are interested to hear some of her poems, here are a few:
* The Type
* Private Parts
* Mrs. Ribeiro

Guitar update

Finally, here is a short guitar progress update. The first part of the video is the intro to Stairway to Heaven. I liked playing it but haven’t learned the rest of the song because I personally think it sounds much better on electric guitar. The other part of the video is a song that I discovered on Youtube. I tried playing it because it looked easy (and it was) and therefore also learned the lyrics to the song.


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