My Summer project: creating a children’s book

This Summer, I started working on a big and exciting project: I’m creating a children’s book. The endeavor is a way for me to combine several different passions of mine into one all-encompassing project.

My idea so far:

I want the book to be illustrated, comprising more images than text. I’m using watercolors but am also open to mixing several different drawing media when creating the pictures (pastels, acrylics… ).

The story is about a girl, Luna, who decides to climb the tallest mountain that she knows of. On her adventure, she encounters obstacles. These drawbacks represent memorable learning experiences that I’ve had, or, that I believe are important to go through in life.
Initially, Luna is reactive and caught up in her feelings. Her emotions dictate her actions. One of the major things that Luna therefore learns is how to deal with the strong, often uncomfortable, feelings that she experiences on her journey (fear, anxiety, envy… ).

The turning point for her is when, through an encounter with a creature or animal, she discovers meditation. From then on, Luna practices: she concentrates on the ins-and-outs of her breath. Whenever her mind starts to wander, she learns to let the thoughts go and to come back to the present moment – her breath. Feelings arise but she discovers how to be comfortable with them, no need to immediately and mindlessly react.

Meditation isn’t easy, but with time, the finding enables Luna to change her perception of the world and of her place in it. She gradually feels connected to everything around her and finally, is able to truly choose who she wants to be – her emotions don’t dictate her anymore.

Luna finishes her climb and, as she contemplates the view from the top, she realizes that the mountain she ascended was far from the tallest out there. This isn’t of importance to her any longer. Her journey and its teachings are of bigger value.

What I still need to figure out:


How realistic do I want the images to be? Should Luna be human or not? Do each illustration represent a specific scene that happens in the story? Or instead, should the pictures be more abstract and/ or aesthetic?


What are the feelings that Luna experiences at the start? I would like to choose two or three. How can I show that Luna is reactive and not in control of how she reacts to them? How long should the story be?


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