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How science got women wrong

“Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong” by Angela Saini

“Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong” was second on my reading list. It sheds light on gender bias in anthropology, biology and psychology. I was drawn to the book as it combines science and gender – two topics that I love. The author, Angela Saini, delivers an abundance of interesting findings and defies scientific gender myths […]

Why the word feminism?

Why the word feminism? Why not “equalism”, “humanism” or another name with a similar connotation? – Of course, I believe in equal rights for everyone. However, to attain equality, I think that  the development of movements focusing on specific problems within the society are necessary. For example, the movement Black Lives Matter campaigns against violence […]

Free the nipple

Isn’t it weird how we perceive the human body? There’s so much censorship, shaming and stigma around it. It is as if we are disconnected from it and that we have forgotten that all our bodies have the same anatomy. We are so judgmental of each other’s bodies and our own – anything less than […]