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“The Other Side of Paradise” by Staceyann Chin

A few days ago, I finished reading “The Other Side of Paradise” by Staceyann Chin – the poet and political activist that I previously introduced in this post. The book is a memoir of Staceyann’s early life. She grew up in 1970’s Jamaica, abandoned by her parents and then later abused by multiple people. On top […]

Gender, to me

Listening to kids

The other day, I discovered Staceyann Chin, a spoken-word poet and political activist. I was immediately drawn by her fearlessness, her strength and the way that she communicates her beliefs. She speaks beautifully. On her Youtube channel, Staceyann posts “living room protests”: short conversations with her daughter, Zuri. The themes are usually political but sometimes the […]

Richard Feynman

Richard Feynman

Richard Feynman is one of the people who inspires me the most. I admire him, not only because he was a brilliant physicist, but mostly because of his attitude to life. I admire his curiosity and creativity. He wanted to understand everything that was going on around him. A simple question such as: “why pasta […]

Decartes’ life

Men of Mathematics In this short video, Freeman Dyson recommends a book called “Men of Mathematics”. The book provides an insight into the lives and contributions of the greatest mathematicians, from Zeno to Poincaré. Both Freeman Dyson and John Nash, two incredible mathematicians, have spoken about this book. Apparently, reading it encouraged them to pursue Mathematics as […]

Alice Phoebe Lou

Alice Phoebe Lou

Alice Phoebe Lou has been a big inspiration for me lately. I love that she is independent and strives to use her voice in a positive way. She writes all of her lyrics, started her career by doing lots of street performances, is super sweet, open and brave and seems like a genuinely nice person! […]

Alex Honnold

I discovered Alex Honnold (rock climber) after watching the movie “Valley Uprising”. Reasons why he inspires me: * he’s passionate * he has a lot of integrity and says what he thinks * he confronts death and overcomes his fear of it * he is humble/ stays down-to-earth (even though he is one of the best […]

Kip Thorne

A few weeks ago, my mum told me to look up “Kip Thorne”: a theoretical physicist who won this year’s Nobel prize in physics (2017) and who is also known for his contribution to the film Interstellar. His work is amazing and I thought I would link a few interesting videos of him here: * His […]

Carl Sagan

Today I learned about Carl Sagan. Here are a few videos of him: Pale Blue Dot A way of thinking 10 Times Carl Sagan Blew Our Minds Man in his arrogance A Universe not made for us “Carl had such a gift for instilling wonder and curiosity for the cosmos, even for it’s vast oceans […]

Egon Schiele

Austrian artist of the 20th century. I am drawn to Schiele’s ability to go beyond the physical and explore his sitters’ psyche/sexuality. His drawings often look very simple and spontaneous but I find it fascinating that through this oversimplification of the human form, he manages to bring the viewer to a deeper and more personal […]