* About love
* A few things I’ve learned in 2017 – things to remember
Broadening my set of mental models
Caring about what other people think / values
Deleting facebook
* Free the nipple
* Gender, to me
Listening to kids
Money/ Spending less
* On Flow and Climbing
* On selfishness
On Silence and Chocolate mousse
* “The Growth Mindset”
* The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost (poem)
Why I’m becoming vegan
Why the word feminism?
1,5 months of challenges


Decartes’ life
Introduction to Superposition (quantum physics)
The expansion of the Universe
* “The Growth Mindset”
The Modular view of the mind, the self and meditation
* Why can’t human eyes be all colors of the rainbow?
4th dimension

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