A few things I’ve learned in 2017 – things to remember
Broadening my set of mental models
Caring about what other people think / values
Deleting facebook
* Free the nipple
* Gender, to me
Listening to kids
Money/ Spending less
On Silence and Chocolate mousse
* “The Growth Mindset”
* The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost (poem)
Why the word feminism?
1,5 months of challenges

“Advertising shits in your head”, no author
Decartes’ life and “Men of Mathematics”, E.T Bell
“Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong”, Angela Saini
“Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth”, Nick Murray
“The Fire Next Time”, James Baldwin
“The Other Side of Paradise”, Staceyann Chin
“The Selfish Gene”, Richard Dawkins

Alex Honnold
Alice Phoebe Lou
Carl Sagan
* Egon Schiele
Kip Thorne
Richard Feynman

Decartes’ life
Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle
Introduction to Superposition (quantum physics)
Luminiferous ether/ Michelson & Morley’s experiment
The expansion of the Universe
* “The Growth Mindset”
The Minkowski diagram
The Modular view of the mind, the self and meditation
* The self according to Anil Seth
“The Selfish Gene”, Richard Dawkins
Understanding where our classical view of the world breaks down (relativity theory)
* Why can’t human eyes be all colors of the rainbow?
4th dimension

* Belgian politics 101
Benefits of local currencies
Free the nipple
Replacing advertising billboards with art – “Advertising shits in your head”
Swedish politics 101
* The Middle East’s Cold War

New skills:
Learning how to juggle
Learning how to juggle (2nd post)
* Learning how to play the guitar:
Wish you were here – Pink Floyd (first song)
– Shiver – Lucy Rose
– Without me – Mac DeMarco
Don’t cry – Guns N’ Roses
Wish you were here – Pink Floyd (update)
– Don’t know why – Norah Jones

How the English language encodes human exceptionalism

* Minestrone
* Vegan chocolate mousse