What I learned this month:
IMG_5082– About Alex Honnold
– About the Middle East’s Cold War
– How to play: Wish you were here – Pink Floyd (guitar)
– About the different political parties in Belgium
– About the poem: The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost

– Money/ spending less
– The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost (poem)
“The Growth Mindset”

To read/ watch: (articles/videos)
* Tell me again, how do I become a badass? Sanni McCandless
Why less is more, Colin Wright
The Middle East’s cold war explained
Syria’s war: who is fighting and why
* David Robson: floating (ashtanga yoga)
Ashtanga Yoga Intermediate Series with David Robson (1/10) (ashtanga yoga)
Why 2017 Was the Best Year in Human History, 
How to make stress your friend, Kelly McGonigal
“The Growth Mindset”, Carol Dweck (Talks at Google)
The skill of self confidence, Dr. Ivan Joseph

* Alex Honnold (his instagram)
* Hazel Findlay (her instagram)


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