What I learned this monthF1000022how the English language encodes human exceptionalism
how to make minestrone
– how to simultaneously lift both legs into headstand (yoga)
– how to have a (very very basic) Spanish conversation
– about Carl Sagan
how to make daal
how Anil Seth views the self
why human eyes can’t be all colors of the rainbow
– how to do the chakrasana transition in ashtanga (yoga)
– about the different political parties in Sweden
– how to do my first pull up ever (wohoo)
– lolasana – just for a few seconds but i learned how to lift up!! (yoga)
– what net neutrality is

The modular view of the mind, the self and meditation
Free the nipple
– Why the word feminism?
Learning how to juggle
– Caring about what other people think / Values

To read/ watch: (articles/videos)
* Speaking of Nature, Robin Kimmerer
* Harvey Weinstein and the Economics of Consent, Brit Marling
* How can we comfortably learn to need less sleep? Simon Borg-Olivier
* TEDx Portsmouth, Alan Watkins (importance of breath in improving performance)
* Man in his arrogance, Carl Sagan
* The neuroscience of consciousness, Anil Seth
Why is the sky blue and not violet?
* (Chapter 3) Love vs Attachment, Thubten Chodron
How to break emotional habits? Charlie Houpert
* Conscious consumerism is a lie. A better way to save the world? Alden Wicker

* Learning how to learn (online course), Dr Barbara Oakley
* CORE, economics (contents)
* Khan Academy on macroeconomics
Buddhism and Modern Psychology (online course), Robert Wright

Yoga/ Meditation:
* Practice real yoga from the beginning, Petri Räisänen
* Ashtanga Yoga, Maty Ezraty (this interview is really good!!)
* Ashtanga Yoga, Joey Miles
* Yuval Harari, author of Sapiens, on how meditation made him a better historian
* The science of Yoga (short videos with simple explanations)
* Discover Mula Bandha on a physical level, David Garrigues

* The Selfish Gene, Richard Dawkins
“What some people seem to find hard to understand is that there’s a part of you, in fact the most important part, that’s immaterial and immortal. Your body is really no more than a temporary shell for the immortal part, and houses it for a little while until it dies.”
* The Inner Tradition of Yoga, Michael Stone
* Ain’t I a Woman: Black Women and Feminism, Bell Hooks

* Egon Schiele
* Ferus Animi // Terra Nova (London 2016), Tomislav English
* Margo Hayes (at Joey’s Valley & La Rambla)
* Ido Portal (locomotion research)
* Corpo Dell’aria (Mouvement Archery)
* Marina Abramović
* Ashtanga Yoga, practice
* Carl Sagan
* Sharmila Desai (her instagram)

Questions I don’t have an answer to:
* Why do we love music? What was the evolutionary purpose of “us enjoying music so much”/”music affecting our emotions”?

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